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Quba Mail features flexible pricing. We'll talk to establish what will best fit your business and give you the best value email marketing..

Or choose Value plan. One fixed monthly fee gets you a generous monthly allocation of email sends.

The trial version is completely free. It gives you all the email marketing facilities of Quba Mail, but restricts you to sending 20 emails at a time. Complete the company registration form and evaluate Quba Mail at your convenience.

Quba Mail tracks the progress and outcome of every single email you send.

From here, it generates real-time reports on both the overall 'picture' of your campaign and the detailed behaviour of every single recipient. Quba Mail's level of drill-down analysis is what puts it above most other email marketing or email broadcasting solutions - it allows you tremendous insight into how your mailings are being received and acted upon.

Generate real-time reports

Using Quba Mail you can identify:

  • Each individual who has been sent an email
  • Each individual who has opened it, how many times and when
  • Each individual who has forwarded it, how many times and when
  • Each individual who has clicked on one or more link, what those links were, and when they clicked
  • The links in your email that are most or least popular (again, broken down by individual)
  • The pages visited and path that individual visitors have taken after they've clicked through to your own website (see Tracking through your website for more details)
  • Undelivered emails ('bounce backs') along with the specific reason, again by individual
  • Individual replies to your emails
  • Individuals who have requested to unsubscribe from your mailing list

Tracking through your website

Quba Mail's analytics aren't limited to tracking the progress of emails. With our unique website tracking reports, you can see exactly what your recipients have done once they've clicked through to visit your own site.

Information is provided on several levels, from overall figures down to the behaviour of each individual recipient. This covers the number of pages visited, what each individual page was, how long was spent and when the visit was.

This is extremely powerful data, which provides a true picture of the direct effectiveness of your email list.

If You would like to use website tracking we can add the code to your email. For this reason it's provided as an additional option on request within Quba Mail, although there is no extra charge for the service.